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twitOneday (iPhone,iPod touch app) released.

Use the twitOneday app to share your day.
The twitOneday app allows you to graph your day and share it on Twitter.

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twitOneday iPhone,iPod touch app

How to download :

download twitOneday

twitOneday / $1.99 / Social networking category

Explanation of use :

It’s simple to use.

First, look back on the day that’s just passed.
Then, create a list of the things you did at what time.

Tap the “add” button, and select or enter what you did in the “What:” field.
In the “When:” field, set the time you did the activity.
When finished entering the time and activity, tap the “add” button
to add the information to the list.
Repeat the process to create a list of things you did during the day.

Once you’ve completed your list, press the “Generate graph” button and
confirm the contents of the graph.

If there are no mistakes, tap the “Share on Twitter” button and enter a message.
Maybe you could enter what kind of day you feel you had?
Messages can be up to 80 characters in length.

Finally, tap the “Send” button to upload the graph you created as a
Twitpic to your Twitter account.

twitter official account :

example :